Six Tips for Successful Financial Partnerships

by David L. Johanson on

“Stop! In the name of love, before you break my heart,” The Supremes sing in “Stop! In the Name of Love.” We know they weren’t alluding to the pitfalls couples face when they grapple over money issues, but our own experience tells us that money plus love can lead into minefields that we’d rather...

Will Tax Law Changes Increase Your Taxes?

by David L. Johanson on

Will you be paying more in taxes next year?  Let’s ask the question in another way.  Since politicians have taken aim at high earners: are taxes going to rise for the wealthiest taxpayers?

Clients usually ask, “How will this affect me?” or “Will I be ensnared by Congress’ definition of wealthy?”


Your Roadmap to Financial Freedom

by Preet Shah on

At Johanson Financial Advisors, our motto is – Your Life, Our Goal: Financial Freedom. Some clients ask whether they are too young to start preparing for retirement and some wonder if they are too late. We believe that the success of our clients is also our success, so to get you started, here’s a...

Ideas That Help You Manage a Financial Windfall

by David L. Johanson on

Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery or inheriting a large sum of money?  Most people have.  Yet, riches that fall into our hands can sometimes quickly slip through our fingers.

Statistics show that one third of the people who received an inheritance had negative savings within two years...

Is It Time to Downsize Your Home?

by David L. Johanson on

Did you buy your home many years ago?  Or have you been in your current place for just a few years?

There are plenty of reasons to sell and seek out a house that is smaller and one that fits your lifestyle.  On the flip side, there are reasons you may want to stay in your home.

Now that you...

Smart Charitable Planning

by David L. Johanson on

Individuals, foundations, bequests, and corporations gave an estimated $449.6 billion to U.S. charities in 2019.  Individuals accounted for an estimated $309.7 billion, up 4.7% in 2019 versus the prior year.  Foundations added an estimated $75.7 billion, while another $43.2 billion was given by...

7 Tips for a Successful Retirement

by David L. Johanson on

You have saved and invested for decades and you are gearing up for retirement, or maybe you have already left your job.  While the idea of leaving your career behind may be appealing, it is a monumental change that can also be unsettling for some.

You will be sailing in a new direction, and you...

Avoid Being Scammed

by David L. Johanson on

Avoid Being Scammed

When was the last time you received a phone call or email from a scammer?  I was called today by a scammer.  It did not last long… I hung up.

Internet scams show no signs of letting up.  In fact, the problem may be getting worse.  The FBI said it saw the largest number of...

There’s no two ways about it – the COVID-19 pandemic has been a historic moment around the world.  From the financial markets to our daily lives, many of the norms we took for granted back at the beginning of the year have been shaken up.  Given the unprecedented nature of this disease’s impact on...

The Biggest Investment Mistake

by David L. Johanson on

Sometimes the science and art of investing can go astray with an error in judgment.  Panic selling is by far, one of the biggest impediments to a person not meeting their goals.  Decades of study have gone into behavioral finance and how we react to certain factors.  Findings state our emotions can...

Regular Exercise Linked to Success in Life

by David L. Johanson on

It should be no surprise to hear that exercise is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.  With the help of a balanced diet, exercise can help you achieve personal fitness goals, whether you want to lose those extra pounds before swimsuit season or get the six-pack abs you have always wanted.  The...

Be Strong. Be Prepared.

by David L. Johanson on

I am staying glued to the news as the Bay Area evacuation alerts are updated.  My daughter and her family live in Morgan Hill, west of Anderson dam.  As the fire raged on the east side of the dam, worries mounted.  She brought over some boxes to store in my garage.  This forward thinking is critical...