Be Strong. Be Prepared.

David L. Johanson |

I am staying glued to the news as the Bay Area evacuation alerts are updated.  My daughter and her family live in Morgan Hill, west of Anderson dam.  As the fire raged on the east side of the dam, worries mounted.  She brought over some boxes to store in my garage.  This forward thinking is critical for her family’s safety and emergency preparedness.

In the event of a sudden, catastrophic event, you may have mere minutes to gather your family and belongings.  Your heart beats faster as you evacate your house – possibly for good.  What would you take?  Where would you go?  Planning for contingencies is the best strategy.  

My daughter’s family should be fine, but they are being thoughtful and prepared just in case.

Preparing for an emergency whether it be fire, earthquake, hurricane, other potential disaster, or even short-term loss of power in your home, is integral to the financial planning process and your own personal risk management.

Quoting Howard Ruff, “It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.”

The time is now to get your emergency plan in place.  Perhaps you already have one, so what better time to review and revise it.  Create a plan and home evacuation checklist with guidance from -, and most importantly, do not panic.

Be strong.  Be prepared.  Stay safe and remember we are always here to support your needs.