Inverted Yield Curves and Licorice

Many years ago, when I was about seven years old, my family went on a road trip.  I remember being excited for the journey, but at the same time concerned for the upcoming 10-hour drive.  

In order to make the trip more enjoyable, I spent time earning/saving money so I could buy a couple treats to take with me.  As the trip neared, I purchased my favorite candy, licorice (Red Vines was my brand of choice, for anyone who cares to know).

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The Scammers Are at It Again...This Time Pretending to Be the Social Security

We know that identity theft is a real issue.  Scammers deliberate use of someone else’s identity for financial gain is unfathomable to most, but a reality for many.

In 2015, my family members and I were targeted as part of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) data breach which resulted in some of our personal information being stolen.  These experiences are very frustrating but seem to be becoming more and more common (think of Target back in 2013, Equifax in 2017, etc.).

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Social Security - Plan on it

In my 30 years of experience dispensing financial advice to baby boomers, I have not had to discuss the details of social security too often. However, it has become a more common topic of discussion lately.  Some of my clients’ concerns include whether or not social security will be around when they retire and whether or not they should begin taking out social security now before it runs out.

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