Due to the very special way we work with people, we are only able to work with a select group of clients who match a character and financial profile. To help you determine if we might be the right financial partner for you, we've outlined our Ideal Client Profile below.

Retired, or Close to it

We specialize in individuals who are retired or very close to it (typically five years or less). This allows us to tailor our deliverables and expertise to their unique needs.

Conscientious Saver

Thanks to diligent saving an frugal living, they have accumulated a nest egg of at least $1,000,000.

Pleasant Demeanor

We enjoy clients that are nice people embracing deep personal relationships.

Looking for a Trusted Advisor

Our clients feel their financial independence journey is too important to be done by themselves, and understand the value of having a team of experts. Your Life, Our Goal: Financial Freedom.

If this sounds like you, we would love to speak with you. Let's get in touch.